Seamlessly Integrating Takealot with Shopify

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For hassle free integration between Takealot and your online store, seamlessly synchronising orders and stock management, ensuring smooth, interrupt free sales and operations

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"This connector is the best thing that happened to our company! So much goodness in 1 App and a definate must if you're a seller on Takealot. I'm also extremely grateful for the "over and above" customer service I receive from the team at Shopglu. Highly recommended!" Gorilla Sports South Africa

"This connector has been a game changer for us in helping us manage our Takealot sales channel. Removes considerable manual tasks, automates processes and delivers critical inventory level accuracy for our available to sell. It reduced team headaches and increased sales. We have been using Shopglu for over two years now and can confidently recommend it to businesses selling on Shopify and Takealot ..." Yokico

Takealot Integration made easy

For both Shopify and Woocommerce

Order Management

Real time integration of Takealot orders into your online store. All your orders in one place reducing admin overheads.

Returns Notifications

Real time alerts of any Takealot customer returns. Get low inventory or out of stock notifications so you can restock efficiently.

Stock Management

Seamless updating of prices and inventory levels to Takealot. Save on admin costs, and respond quickly to market changes.

Smart Onboarding

Get up and running in minutes, no coding required.


Intuitive, easy to use dashboard built to give you a great overview of orders, returns and products.

Rock solid technology

Built by experienced software engineers, thoroughly tested along with world class infrastructure.

"Does what it's suppose to do and will simplify things with regards to stock management and fufillment from one single point of contact. Support is helpful." WatchBoyz

Elevate your Takealot selling experience

In a constantly evolving e-commerce market, staying ahead of the competition is crucial. Elevate your Takealot selling experience with ShopGlu’s expert solutions today.

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