So you’ve decided you want to sell on Takealot whats next?

Well the easiest option is simply to get in touch with a Takealot expert and they will have you up and trading on Takealot in record time. If you want to do it yourself, you will need to follow a few steps:

Step 1

Apply for a Takealot reseller account here:

This can take a few days for approval so start planning your product images, product information and pricing strategy during this time. Give consideration to a seller store front on Takealot as this can maximise exposure on the marketplace. Note you do not require VAT registration to list on Takealot.

Step 2

Once you have been approved as a reseller, you will need to log into the seller portal here:

You will need to complete all the onboarding lessons below before you can start loading products:

Note: each Takealot user on the portal will need to complete the onboarding lessons before they can access the portal.

Step 3

The next step will be to load products onto the Takealot platform. There are no product loading integrations available on the market so you or your Takealot expert will need to load the products before starting to trade.

We have a more detailed process set out here.

Note when you list the products you will be able to edit the product listing details at a later date if required. The product stock on hand retail and RRP are able to be updated by integration into your ecommerce cart or manually if desired.You cannot edit the Takealot in stock on hand figures as these are managed by the Takealot system.

Step 4

Once you have loaded the products, you will need to determine a pricing policy for your listings on Takealot. Are you going to

  1. Have the same price on Takealot as your web / physical store?
  2. Mark up all Takealot prices by say 10% to cover the Takealot fees
  3. Have a calculated RRP for all Takealot products, which is not necessarily in line with your web store.
  4. Gross up the Takealot selling prices by the Takealot success fees and logistics charges
  5. If you have multiple resellers on 1 listing, is a buy box optimiser on the cards.

You can manage points 1-4 in your ERP by automated price lists for Takealot if you are running an ERP, otherwise a price modifier such as Shopglu is highly recommended to manage Takealot price calculations for you.

Buy box optimisers are a great way to maximise your win rate on multi reseller listings whilst making the highest GP possible.

Step 5

Your next step will be to load a replenishment order to both the CPT and JHB warehouses to demonstrate to Takealot you understand the Takealot shipments processes and your products are packaged correctly.

  • Takealot rules on sending leadtime and replenishment orders are set out here
  • When loading the replen orders, you have option of a bulk replen to load lots of products to send or enter manually on each row.
  • You will need to split the replen between the 2 Takealot warehouses with 25% to CPT and 65% to JHB.
  • You are able to load a mixed shipment of both replenishment and leadtime orders.
  • You will need to book a delivery date and time in both warehouses. Make sure you have a reliable or preferred courier and if delivering yourself, ensure your team meet the delivery slots or the will need to be re-booked.
  • Takealot track delivery reliability and your KPI’s are reported regularly to check compliance. You can lose your leadtime order status if your kpi’s drop below standard. Don’t panic – you can recover it but it takes time.

Step 6

Once your replen to CPT and JHB has been loaded and received into the 2 warehouses, Takealot will open up your leadtime order status after a few weeks. As a reseller you can send stock to Takealot warehouses for in stock orders (great for the buy box), by drop ship model (great for resellers outside of JHB or CPT and lower volume) or leadtime where you carry the stock are your warehouse.

Sellers can adopt a single approach to the above or a mixed model offering say the top selling 20% in stock and the catalogue 80% as leadtime orders. It is up to you as the seller to determine what works best for you.

Step 7

What next – You should see Takealot orders in the sales window. Make sure you are loading leadtime shipments within the prescribed time frames and your shipments are booked for delivery with your couriers. Shipments will be covered off in more detail in another post.

You will need to actively manage your listings on Takealot – ensuring your product is competively priced and described.

Step 8

Take care to keep an eye on returns and cancelled orders – these can be a nightmare and reconciling Takealot stock to your stock for Takealot can prove challenging. Read more about that here.

Step 9

You’re up and running and orders are coming in thick and fast and updating the Takealot prices and stock on hands is taking up a lot of time – the Shopglu connector will solve this for you allowing your to focus on customers and sales and not the marketplace admin.