Frequently asked questions


What is the Shopglu Connector?

The ShopGlu Shopify Takealot connector takes all the hassle out of managing your Takealot marketplace store. The connector updates Takealot for any product price or inventory on hand changes in Shopify and syncs all Takealot order updates to Shopify. No more running separate locations for your Shopify store and Takealot.

What is synced between shopify and Takealot?

Selling price, RRP, my warehouse on hand, lead time days are updated on Takealot when there is a change in Shopify. New leadtime, Inter DC and DC orders are synced from Takealot to Shopify.


Why do I need to select the SKU or EAN Barcode to match

The connector requires the SKU or barcode field to match the products between Takealot and Shopify.

Help I edited the SKU or barcode in Shopify - Have I broken something?

No – once ShopGlu has imported the items, we have matched them in the database and you are free to change the SKU or Barcode.

Do I need to have my accounting system integrated?

No. The connector only requires an active Shopify and Takealot account.

What are Shopify locations?

A Shopify location is any warehosue that has inventory that can be sold. You select a default warehouse in Shopify for all orders, including Takealot Leadtime Orders that you ship from your warehouse. Takealot DC orders are shipped from the Takelot DC, not from your warehouse, so we need to set up locations in Shopify to record these.

How do I change my leadtime days?

You can change your leadtime order days in Config settings of ShopGlu. Although we have a setting available Takealot now permits only 5 days.

My Account

I need to upgrade or downgrade my plan?

You can upgrade or downgrade your plan at anytime if you are going to outgrow your plan tier or have reduced the number products. You will only be able to downgrade your plan if the number of products selected to sync is within the lower price tier.

What if my orders go over my price tier limit?

If your number of orders exceed your price plan, you will be charged the out of plan rate per order and billed in the following Shopify invoice. You will receive a notification advising of this and whether you want to upgrade your plan.

What happens to my data?

Your data is stored on a secure encrypted hosted environment and is not shared with any third parties. Takealot customer information is not stored or returned by Takealot.

Do you keep our credit card details?

No, ShopGlu does not hold any credit card or payment details.

How do I cancel my connector subscription?

You can cancel your subscription at any time in Settings/Accounts. The connector will continue to sync until the app anniversary date unless you delete the app in Shopify.

Orders & Returns

What happens if my Takealot suspends my New leadtime orders?

No problem, Shopify will continue to update Takealot product and leadtime orders will resume syncing when Takealot re-enables your leadtime orders.

What does auto fulfill Shopify for Takealot DC orders mean?

Takealot DC orders are fulfilled from Takealot DC’s and do not need to be shipped from your warehouse. This setting will update the order on Shopify as fulfilled when it is shipped to the customer from the Takealot DC.

Why are Takealot Leadtime orders showing as fulfilled in Shopify but not in Takealot?

If you mark Takealot leadtime orders as fulfilled when you ship the order out of your warehouse, then there will be a timing delay until Takealot ships to customer.
If you mark a Takealot leadtime order as fulfilled when Takealot ships to customer, then there will be no fulfilment timing delay.

I've have set up the connector, but can't see my existing Takealot orders in Shopify?

The connector will not create Takealot orders placed before it is installed. These Takealot orders will need to be captured in Shopify manually and matched in the Orders View.

Why is there a cancelled order in Takealot but not in Shopify?

An order will not be imported into Shopify if it has already been cancelled within a short time in Takealot.

How are Takealot returns synced in Shopify?

Takealot customers can return their entire order or just 1 item of their order if they choose. This will update your Shopify order and tag as “Returned”.

Can I update Takealot orders from Shopify?

No, orders are placed, cancelled and returned on the Takealot system.

Syncing FAQ

What is synced between Shopify and Takealot?

Products – Takealot is automatically updated when a change is identified in your Shopify store for:

  • Selling price
  • Compare at price (RRP)
  • My Warehouse inventory (SoH) and
  • Leadtime days.

Shopify is automatically updated when a change is identified in your Takealot store for:

  • DC inventory (SoH)
  • Orders – Shopify is automatically updated when a change is identified in your Takealot store for:
    • New leadtime orders
    • DC and Inter DC orders
    • Returns and Cancelled orders.

Can I disable a product in Takealot with the connector?

Yes – you can turn the sync setting off in the inventory report and the new lead time orders on hand will be set to zero and the lead time set to N/A.

You cannot turn off product in a Takealot DC until you uplift it from the Takealot DC or disable product by seller.

Can I book and check in shipments with the connector?

No – the connector only updates on hand levels, prices and orders.

Can I update my Takealot DC stock levels on Shopify?

No, Takealot DC on hand levels are synced from Takeaolot to Shopify as Shopify does not have access to Takealot replen, collection and write off inventory movements.

What happens if I update my warehouse on hand levels or prices in the Takealot seller portal?

The ShopGlu connector will overwrite the Takealot on hand with the on hand figure from Shopify on the next sync.

Can I set my Takealot retail price different to my Shopify selling price?

Yes you can. ShopGlu Price Modifier allows you to set the price in Takealot based on how Takealot calculates it’s success fees as well logistics fees. You can also set the price on Takealot based on a manually entered % or Rand value.

What happens when there is a price freeze on Takealot and my prices change on Shopify?

Any price changes on Shopify will be queued on the connector and flow through to Takealot after the Takealot price freeze has ended.

How often does it sync changes from Shopify and Takealot?

Takealot DC orders are fulfilled from Takealot DC’s and do not need to be shipped from your warehouse. This setting will update the order on Shopify as fulfilled when it is shipped to the customer from the Takealot DC.


Can I upload our products into Takealot using the Shopglu connector?

No, the ShopGlu connector cannot upload products into Takealot just yet, although we are working on it. You have to do that using the Takalot upload system.

What does tracked / not tracked mean in Shopify??

Shopify tracks inventory by default meaning it has a on hand figure for your items. When you set a product in Shopify to “Do Not Track”, then Shopify no longer tracks inventory on hand figures. If these items are synced into Takealot, then you have to set a default on hand figure to be synced to Takealot.

If I unpublish a product in Shopify will it unpublish in Takealot?

No – products are disabled using the sync setting in the connector inventory view not the Shopify availability settings.

I'm trying to sync a product in the Inventory view but it won't sync?

You can only sync products that are listed in Takealot, if the item sync status is “Unlisted” then the product must be loaded in the Takealot seller portal first.