FAQ for BB Boost


What is Shopglu BB Boost?

BB Boost automatically reprices your products so that you win the Buy Box and stay competitive without constantly micromanaging your prices.

It monitors your competitors and adjusts prices in close in 2 minute intervals, based on your predefined Minimum Price and Maximum Price.

What is synced between BB Boost and Takealot?

Sync to Takealot

BB Boost will sync the selling price on Takealot, based on the Max and Min Prices that you set on the Inventory page. That price will be updated every 2 minutes if there are competitors.

Updates from Takealot

BB Boost also updates a number of fields from Takealot that will display on your BB Boost Inventory page. The most important one’s are:

– The price on Takealot that is winning the Buy Box

– The name of the Seller that is winning the Buy Box

– The competitors who are competing on the Buy Box for that product – i.e. Other Sellers

How much does it cost? And do I get a free trial?

Yes, you get a Free 14 Day Trial. That gives you plenty of time to test out BB Boost!

Our plans start at a very competitive US$20 per month for 100 Active Buy Box products.

A full list of BB Boost Plans can be viewed here

Syncing FAQ

How often does BB Boost check your Buy Box status?

Every 2 minutes when you have competitors on the Buy Box.

Every 60 minutes when there no competitors. This is to check whether there are new competitors. If there are, then BB Boost will revert to a 2 minute sync.

Why am I losing the Buy Box even though my price is much lower than the product winning the Buy Box?

In stock or DC sales are sold from Takealot’s Distribution Centers and therefore take preference over Leadtime sales due to the difference in delivery times.

A seller with Leadtime stock must sell their product at a price that is xx % cheaper than seller with DC stock to ensure that they win the Buy Box.

The % cheaper that the Leadtime stock seller must reach depends on the Takealot algorithm. This algorithm takes into account delivery times, stock levels, price etc.

BB Boost changes the price to win the Buy Box, no matter what the Takealot algorithm determines.

For example, if the Takealot algorithm determines that the Leadtime seller must be 30% below the price of the DC Seller’s price to win the Buy Box, then BB Boost will keep reducing the price until it either wins the Buy Box or reaches your Min Price.

Do I lose margin if my competitors prices track up after I win the Buy Box?

No, you don’t.

BB Boost also checks the price of nearest competitor(with the lowest competing price) and tracks your selling price upwards while still ensuring that you win the Buy Box.

How can I check the status (price and competitors) of the products are not being synced to win the Buy Box?

On the Inventory page, filter for Buy Box Status = Off.

This will show the list of products that are not being synced for the Buy Box.

Select the products that you want to check the status of, then click on the Buy Box Status button at the bottom of the screen.

The selected products will sync without you having to activate Buy Box sync.

Refresh your screen and then filter again for Buy Box Status = Off.

You can check a maximum of 500 products per hour.


When does the app start indexing orders to display on the Orders overview page?

BB Boost starts to index orders from the date that you subscribe.

How can I filter by a date range in the Order Overview?

You will see a date range filter on the right hand side of your screen where you can select from a range of date options.

How do I create invoices for my customers' orders?

You can generate invoice on the Orders page. The invoices will be generated as PDF’s that you can download and send to your customers.

You will see the invoice download button on the right hand side of the screen.

You can add your VAT number and address under Settings if you want to create VAT invoices.

The Invoice number is taken from the Takealot order ID.

VAT will only display if you have added your VAT number in settings.

Note also that  the prices are shown as inclusive of VAT, with the VAT amount  shown separately.



Why do you have a Base Price as well as a Max Price?

BB Boost default setting for all new users is Base Price = Max Price (or Preferred Price).

For most users this will work perfectly.

The default setting is off in Settings – which is where Base Price = Max Price automatically.

Setting this switch to ON

When this switch is ON , you can set a Max Price that is higher than the Base Price. In this case % option becomes active and available for setting your Max and Min Prices.

The Base Price is useful where you have another platform that you are selling on such a WooCommerce or Shopify store. This would be your standard price on all your platforms.

In some cases our customers want to the price on Takealot to track higher than their base price. This is in situation where your competitors are selling at a higher price that your base price.


My Takealot API key has changed, where can I upate it?

No problem, you can update your Takealot API key in settings.

My Account

I need to upgrade or downgrade my plan?

You can upgrade or downgrade your plan at anytime if you are going to outgrow your plan tier or have reduced the number products. You will only be able to downgrade your plan if the number of products selected to sync is within the lower price tier.

What if my active Buy Box products go over my plan tier limit?

If your number of active Buy Box products exceeds your plan, you will be notified in the Inventory page and will be promoted to change your plan to accommodate more products.

What happens to my data?

Your data is stored on a secure encrypted hosted environment and is not shared with any third parties. Takealot customer information is not stored or returned by Takealot.

Do you keep our credit card details?

No, ShopGlu does not hold any credit card or payment details.
BB Boost Plans and payments are handled by Stripe, one of world’s leading payment gateways.

How do I cancel my BB Boost subscription?

You can cancel your subscription at any time in Settings/Accounts. The connector will continue to sync until the app anniversary date unless you remove your API key.

Where do I update the credit card, if I need to change it?

You can update your credit card info in Settings.

Select Add Card to update your card details.

Where do I find by Billing history?

Your billing hostiry is also available in Settings.