Marketplace integration

Are you wasting hours every day managing your Takealot Store?

For hassle free integration between Takealot and your online store, seamlessly synchronising orders and stock management, ensuring smooth, interrupt free  sales and operations.

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Takealot Integration made easy

Order Management

Real time integration of Takealot orders into you online store. All your orders in one place reducing admin overheads.

Returns notifications

Real time alerts of any Takealot customer returns. Get low inventory or out of stock notifications so you can restock efficiently.

Stock Management

Seamless updating of prices and inventory levels to Takealot. Save on admin costs, and respond quickly to market changes.

Smart Onboarding

Get up and running in minutes, no coding required.


Intuative, easy to use dashboard built Shopify, Woocommerce and Takealot store experts.

Rock solid technology

Built by experiences engineering, throughly tested aling with top class infrastructure. 

How it works

Helping make your Takealot business seamless

Takealot resellers - Shopify

Get low inventory or out of stock notifications in real time. And sync your prices.

Takealot resellers - Woocommerce

Coming Soon – Get low inventory or out of stock notifications in real time. 


New to Takealot?

Starting out with a new Takelot business? ShopGlu will automate seamlessly between Shopify and Takealot. 

Success Stories

The ShopGlu Takealot connector has made managing our Takealot store a breeze. The connector takes all the hassle out of constantly updating Takealot stock levels and prices changes several times a day and updates Shopify in real time for all Takealot orders and returns. No more missed orders.

We save at least an hour every day using the connector and never have to worry about missing an order, selling out of stock or at the wrong price. The connector took 5 minutes to get up and running and the ShopGlu team were quick to answer any questions.

Shaun Williams

Managing Director, StyleDiva